WINGPACE: Company Registration in Ghana | Company Formation in Ghana | Incorporation
Leading Corporate Intelligence and Business Investigative Consultancy In Ghana.
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About US

Wingpace was founded in 2009 as a business intelligence company with a strong Ghanaian heritage, proactively providing its client base with accurate information and customized solutions.

Our tailored approach means the Directors are closely involved in the execution and detail of every project, supported occasionally by experienced investigators and professional intelligence analysts.

Our local network of senior associates is made up of regional, industry and academic experts, as well as prominent business figures. We call upon their expertise and closed network of contacts to help our clients frame business decisions, protect our clients’ reputations, and problem–solve for companies facing complex issues in Ghana.

Ethical business practice is a fundamental value for the Wingpace team. Our documented procedures, developed in conjunction with external legal counsel, ensure compliance with relevant legislation of Ghana.

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