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Business Partners In Ghana
Business Partners In Ghana
Abouts US
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About US

Wingpace was founded in 2009 as a business entity with a strong Ghanaian heritage, proactively providing its client base with accurate information and customized solutions.

Through a network of quality distributors, resellers, agents, and industry experts we identify and execute our clients’ agenda in Ghana. Leveraging on a deep understanding of the local market, political framework and business culture, as well as an extensive network and expertise in complex problem-solving, we play a key role in helping companies to grow in Ghana.

Wingpace obeys to a strong regulation code for its activity, both internal and external. Information is conveyed carefully and all communication channels are very carefully structured o ensure maximum confidentiality and secrecy.

A specific department of our company attends to the assurance of anonymity for any solicitation that reaches Wingpace, so that it can be properly analyzed by the executive team, which in that moment will decide if we should proceed with the process: this step will be followed by a process of national and international due diligence, in articulation with the activated cells for thus matter, an influence proposal is carefully prepared, subsequently forwarded through a standardized commercial procedure.

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